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I'm trying to create a context menu, I already have working buttons in my XAML although I don't know how to translate it to C# to create my context menu. I don't understand how DataSource and DataContextProxy work, here's a piece of the code I'm working with,

<sr:Button Text="Deactivate" Size="Medium" SmallImage="/Fsc.Feenics.Clients.Silverlight2;component/Images/16/deactivate.png" Command="{Binding Path=DataSource.DeactivateCardCommand, Source={StaticResource DataContextProxy}}" CommandParameter="{Binding}" Visibility="{Binding Active, Converter={StaticResource VisibleIfTrue}}" />

This is my attempt to translate it to C# for my context menu

  contextMenu.Items.Add(new MenuItem { Header = "Deactivate", Command = new RelayCommand<Guid>((x) => localContext.DeactivateCard(x)), CommandParameter = objectInfo.Id });

I'm not sure where to put the DataSource/DataContextProxy in my C#, if anyone could give me any suggestions or explain how it works it would be greatly apperciated,

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I am not sure if you understand the xaml, so I will explain from beginning...

Your button command is binding to a class StaticResource object which has a x:key "DataConextProxy".

That object is a class that expose a property: DataSource

And that DataSource object is a class that expose a Command: DeactivateCardCommand

From the name of DataContextProxy, I will assume is about this.

Bascially just create the Menu Item with using same binding on command, same binding path and it will be fine...

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