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Hi i am able to create temp files. i am trying to display temp file byy using the following logic .

            Intent intent = new Intent();
             intent.setDataAndType(Uri.fromFile(mFile), contentType);

Here mFile is the Temp file(ex:temp.html-1148819481.tmp). But it is telling "web page not available".

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Other processes do not have the right to view your files on internal storage, by default. Either:

  • Create the file to be MODE_WORLD_READABLE, or

  • Use a WebView to display it in your own activity (since it appears that your file is in HTML), or

  • Create a ContentProvider to serve the file, and use the appropriate content:// Uri in your Intent

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When we are trying to display Html file from other application (Ex:HTMLviewr ),that application is not accepting the temp files.so i put the files in application Files directory.and the i am giving that path.then it is working fine.and one more thing is the file name should not contain spaces.so i am removing the spaces and the storing in files directory ...

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