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I am using Netbeans to write the code of a web service here is the code of the operation :

 * Get the products data 
@WebMethod(operationName = "getProducts")
public String[] getProducts() throws Exception {


Connection con;
con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://localhost/commerce","root","");
PreparedStatement stat;
stat = con.prepareStatement("select * from products");

ResultSet result = stat.executeQuery();
String tab[] = new String[5];
    System.out.println(tab[0]= result.getString(1));
    System.out.println(tab[1]= result.getString(2));
    System.out.println(tab[2]= result.getString(3));
    System.out.println(tab[3]= result.getString(4));
    System.out.println(tab[4]= result.getString(5));  
    return tab;

So I just want to store the result of variable "result" and to return the data of the table, I tried to make the operation return a ResultSet variable, but I got an error, with the code above I just get the last entry of the database and that's logic because only the last values of the loop are stored so I want to know if there is a method to return the data in a structure so I can use it in the client project (Java EE)

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