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I tried searching for an answer to my question but am unable to find one that is the same as mine.

Here is the scenario,

I have a rather large multi-page website. Each page will require a set of common js libraries (jquery, etc) as well as at least one js file specific to that page (that sets up an js functionality specific to said page).

My question is, do I have one config file for the entire site that sets up all my paths? This seems like the logical choice so that a config file for the paths needed for a specific file will not be needed for each page (a pain to maintain, and essentially negates what I am trying to do with requirejs).

However, part of me cringes at the idea of having paths available to a page that will never need them.

What is the general consensus here?

Also I'd like to note that I will be pulling js files from a CDN so none of the paths will be local, which I know isn't really a concern with the config file.

Any and all help if greatly appreciated.


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Generally I'd advise bundling your paths together, not only does this tend to be a convention other developers will expect. It also means your options can be re-used by the build tool by simply pointing it to file containing your config options.

However, if you really would like to separate the options then multiple calls to require.config() are permitted and the config object will simply be mixed.

    paths: {
        'moduleA': 'bla/bla'

    paths: {
        'moduleB': 'bla/bla2'
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