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I have an extension pages dialog box on the same page as a viewpanel that has check boxes enabled. If I check some check boxes then show the dialog box, the selections in the view panel become unselected. Is anyone else seeing this?

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I have the same issue and it looks like we're trying to do the same thing. I plan to add the selected IDs to a sessionScope, update their values, then remove the sessionScope.

I found this one, so I'll update here to see if it works: get the unid of selected documents and save to scoped variable


I got it to work by setting a sessionScope variable for the selected IDs, as in the above example:

sessionScope.put("SelectedIds", getComponent("viewPanel1").getSelectedIds());

In the SSJS script, I changed the code to read the sessionScope array instead of the viewPanel's selections. Fortunately, the IDs are very small (3 characters), so if there are a lot of documents, it should be ok.

Good luck!

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Yep. Great minds think alike. I did pretty much the same thing to resolve the issue. I am just glad to see I am not the only one having the issue. Do the opentf folks hang out here or should I go there to report this issue? –  Bruce Stemplewski Nov 19 '12 at 20:11
I know a few OpenNTF people who check here, but since we're talking about a possible bug in the Extension Library dialog, then I added the "extlib" tag so they can find it easier. –  Steve Cochrane Nov 19 '12 at 20:18

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