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I have these checkboxes

                    foreach($membership_type as $key => $membership) {
                        echo '<tr>';
                        echo '<td>'. form_label($membership['name'], $membership['name']) .'</td>'; 
                        echo '<td>'. 
form_checkbox(array("name"=>"membershiptype[]","id"=>$membership['name'], "value"=>$membership['id'], "checked"=>set_radio("membershiptype", $membership['id'], FALSE))) .'</td>';
                        echo '<td>'. form_label('$'. $membership['fee'], $membership['name']) .'</td>';
                        echo '</tr>';

I am trying to write a jquery script to alert something if the checkboxes change...this what I got so far, but no alert appears

$("input[name='membershiptype']").change(function() {

Any help would be awesome :)

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The correct name of the checkboxes is membershiptype[], so don't skip the brackets:

$("input[name='membershiptype[]']").change(function() {

DEMO: http://jsfiddle.net/gVKnL/

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