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In the 3D figures in Mayavi, I want to change the font type and size of the axis label and legend. I know it's possible to do it in UI, but How to do it by coding? Is it possible to use different font type in legend and axis label? Thanks!

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Given an axes object, you can just set the values of the label_text_property like so:

axes.label_text_property.font_family = 'courier'
axes.label_text_property.font_size = 10

Similarly, the "legend" font (I assume you mean the axes titles) may be set by:

axes.title_text_property.font_family = 'times'
axes.title_text_property.font_size = 14

It looks like the typefaces available might be a bit limited, though.

In the future you should really look at the "record" feature, to glean how to do things with code that you're doing through the GUI. That's how I just looked up these properties.

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Thanks a lot! This helps a lot. Especially the "record" feature. –  Victor Bai Nov 27 '12 at 22:00
Setting the font size seems to broken. A workaround was posted here –  blubb Nov 18 '13 at 14:50

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