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I have an ASP.NET form(MVC3/Razor) and on the the form I want to alter how a date field displays from a datetime field. I.e. in some of the data columns the time is significant and I want the date and time to show, in others it is irrelevant and I just want the date to display. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance


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Two ways: 1) Using a UIHint attribute to tell the field whether or not to render as a Date or DateTime and then having an EditorTemplate to differentiate the two. Or 2) Use the EditorFor extension method and tell it explicitly which EditorTemplate to use.

The same can go for DisplayTemplates when you want to truncate the time.

Here's an example from SO: Asp.Net MVC EditorTemplates/UIHint with parameters

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This is better than the string.format, as it is applied to each field automatically. I went for the 1) Using a UIHint attribute... solution and works well, thanks – Chris Nov 20 '12 at 12:05

You can use String.Format to format the date and time in exactly the way you want.

string.Format("{0:dd-MMM-yy}", yourDate);

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You can format each appropriate column as you want. For example:



@string.Format("{0:MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss}",DateTimeField) 
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