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I'm trying to install backlogs 0.9.9 with redmine 2.1.2 under ubuntu 12.10.

Following the Backlogs installation guide

remine_install_path$ RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake db:migrate

rake aborted!
No such file to load -- nokogiri

However nokogiri seems to be there

$ gem list | grep nokogiri
nokogiri (1.5.5)

Am I doing something wrong ?

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I could have simply added

gem "nokogiri"

into redmine_install/Gemfile

But backlogs (the plugin that I was trying to install) should already contain the dependencies if I had not stupidly removed the backlogs' Gemfile.

I finally simply had to re-checkout the backlogs sources to get my Gemfile back

backlogs_plugin_path$ git checkout "latest_version"

Replace "latest_version" with the latest version (found with git tags)

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