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I want to view source code on a WebApp, but when I enter the URL using my desktop, the browser it forwards to the desktop version.

I then tried the Opera mobile emulator, but it functioned in every single way of a mobile device, including not allowing me to "View Source."

Is there a way I can view a webpage on a computer but as if I am on a mobile device, but still view the code, as if I'm on a regular computer?

I've tried IE, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, they all forward the page to the desktop version, so I can never view as mobile on my computer.

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I've got the same problem, and I found a workable solution. Summary: you can set up the Opera Desktop debugger console to work together with the Opera Mobile emulator.

See Debugging Mobile Web Pages With Opera Developer Tools.

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You can try Try Mobile web browser emulator. Note you must checked the checkbox to be able to view the mobile version then you view source as usual

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You could use Opera Mobile and Opera Developer Tools, but you need to install an old version of Opera (pre-Chromium). They are available on Opera's FTP site.

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