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I have set up a source set for functional testing in my project. Everything is working as expected, except the generation of junit test reports. I cannot see what configuration bit I am missing. Here is what I have:

sourceSets {
    // Note that just declaring this sourceset creates two configurations.
    funcTest {
        scala {
            srcDir 'src/funcTest/scala'
            compileClasspath += main.output
            runtimeClasspath += main.output

configurations {
    funcTestCompile.extendsFrom testCompile
    funcTestRuntime.extendsFrom testRuntime

task funcTest(type:Test){
    description = "Run integration tests (located in src/funcTest/...)."
    testClassesDir = project.sourceSets.funcTest.output.classesDir
    testSrcDirs = project.sourceSets.funcTest.scala.source
    classpath = project.sourceSets.funcTest.runtimeClasspath
    dependsOn test

The above builds and runs my tests. However, the reports directory structure looks like this:

./build/reports/tests/No source file found at src/test/scala/com/hp/snapfish/ecommerce/taxservice/mongo/base-style.css
./build/reports/tests/No source file found at src/test/scala/com/hp/snapfish/ecommerce/taxservice/mongo/css3-pie-1.0beta3.htc
./build/reports/tests/No source file found at src/test/scala/com/hp/snapfish/ecommerce/taxservice/mongo/MongoConfigTest.html
./build/reports/tests/No source file found at src/test/scala/com/hp/snapfish/ecommerce/taxservice/mongo/MongoConfigTest.scala.html
./build/reports/tests/No source file found at src/test/scala/com/hp/snapfish/ecommerce/taxservice/mongo/report.js
./build/reports/tests/No source file found at src/test/scala/com/hp/snapfish/ecommerce/taxservice/mongo/style.css

What am I missing? Why is creating that

No source file found at src

directory? I figure it needs to know that it should be looking for scala files, but I am not sure how to tell it that. I must be missing something obvious.

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Try something like this in your build.gradle file:

test {
    testLogging {
        // log results to "build/test-results" directory
        exceptionFormat "full"
        events "started", "passed", "skipped", "failed", "standardOut", "standardError"

Then, you should find output in a location like: project-root/build/test-results . I'm not sure how to do this on the "main" source trunk but this works for the "test" trunk. If you have a unit test you can try this and maybe get a better idea.

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testLogging only affects the console output. –  Peter Niederwieser Nov 22 '12 at 3:53
What plugin is required for "testLogging" to work? I get "could not find method testLogging" when using this exact code in build.gradle while using android-test (junit). –  dpk Nov 6 '13 at 15:37

I can't tell where "No source file found at src" comes from, but try to set testResultsDir (XML) and testReportDir (HTML). You'll have to set these anyway as otherwise you'll be overwriting the files produced by the test task.

reports.junitXml.destination = "$buildDir/test-results/TaskName"  
reports.html.destination = "$buildDir/test-results/TaskName"
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The problem was with scala specs (see https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/specs2-users/zxOWrMEL8rY). It is not a gradle issue. I need to do more investigation of specs2. Thanks for the suggestions.

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