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When using the JQueryUI dialog with the hide option added, the close event never fires. See my fiddle below to repro both ways.
Is there a workaround that I'm not aware of? I tried reordering them, but it didn't work. Any ideas?

JAVASCRIPT (used for fiddle):

var $dialog = $('<div></div>').html('Using the hide dialog option ' +
        'prevents the close event from firing. Clicking close does ' +
        'nothing. Try commenting out the javascript line with the ' +
        'hide effect to see the alert show up after clicking close.'
        close: function () { alert('this will never show if hide option is active'); },
        //hide: { effect: 'drop', direction: 'up' } //comment out to see alert show up
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You're using jQuery UI 1.7.2 in your fiddle. If you replace it with the latest one (1.9.1 - // then your code works as expected. I don't know exactly what changed between those versions but there you go

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