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How to remote save in Eclipse PDT like Netbeans?

In the previous link @moskito-x gave steps to Eclipse settings for localhost connection. In the third image I don't have the "Choose file system" option to select RSE even when the plugin is installed, any idea what's the problem?

Thanks in advance

Win 7, Zend Eclipse PDT 3.0.2 w/Eclipse Indigo, RSE Core 3.2.2.R33x_v201110030150, Zend Server CE

I don't have enough reputation to comment on the answer so I asked in an answer as stated in here:

How the hell do they expect us to answer questions (to get more reputation) if we can't even ask for clarifications..Then if we ask questions in the "answer" part we get downvoted.. – user1227197 Aug 8 at 16:54

@user1227197: Just point out in your answer that you don't have enough rep to comment. – user1623379 Aug 30 at 15:36

But it was deleted by a moderator, so lets try with a ¿new? question

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