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iam having the following problem with whoosh full text search engine.

1.After syncdb i am creating the intial index from the database objects.

2.it is working fine.I can able to search the data and see the results.

3.after that in one of my view i have added another document (via signals) to the index (during a request --response)

4.that' it from then onwards i could not able to search any data , for which i have successfully found results before adding new document (before step 3)

ix = storage.open_index()
writer = ix.writer()

I have tried hard to resolve but i could not.

Any ideas on how to resolve this problem?

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1 Answer

Any one interested in the above problem Please follow the below thread.


It happened because of a bug in whoosh package and it was fixed.

Now ever thing is working fine.

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