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I am trying to create a function that converts a time string to total minutes ie "11:22" would return 682

    ARR_T=$(echo $1 | tr ":" "\n")
    let MIN=(60*$HOUR)
    let MIN=($MIN+$MINUTE)
    #echo total minutes $MIN
    return $MIN

str_to_min "11:22"

but i keep getting the following error:

./find_service_to_display.sh: line 5: let: MIN=(60*11: missing )' (error token is "11") ./find_service_to_display.sh: line 6: let: MIN=(11: missing)' (error token is "11")

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Have you tried to use echo or printf for debugging? –  n.m. Nov 19 '12 at 18:20
The reason it doesn't work is that ARR_T=$(echo $1 | tr ":" "\n") doesn't create an array, it creates a string variable that happens to have a newline in the middle. Then when you use it, having a newline in the middle of an expression causes ... problems. –  Gordon Davisson Nov 19 '12 at 19:38

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Try this:

str_to_min() {
    local hours=${1%:*};
    local mins=${1#*:};
    echo $((hours * 60 + mins));

You probably want 'echo' rather than 'return' unless you really want a return status (which acts like a program exit code).

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worked like a charm –  jeremyforan Nov 19 '12 at 18:33
str_to_min() { echo $1 | awk -F: '{print 60*$1 + $2}'; }

Note that this does not return the value, but prints it to stdout. You really cannot return the value, since return values must be in the range 0-255, and will be truncated to that range. This function instead always returns zero to indicate success. It would probably be a good idea to return an error value if the string is not in the correct format. One idea for simple checking would be:

str_to_min() { echo "$1" | awk -F: '/^[0-9]+:[0-9]+$/{ print 60*$1 + $2; exit(0)} 
    {exit 1}'; }
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