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I have a code for finding the bisection (and it finally works!), but I need to include 3 more things:

  • output- Root History a vector containing the sequence of midpoints obtained by the algorithm
  • output- the absolute value of the function
  • f(x) at r, i.e., fRoot = f(r) input- max iterations

    function [R, E] = myBisection(f, a, b, tol)
        m = (a + b)/2;
        R = m;
        E = abs(f(m));
        while E(end) > tol
            if sign(f(a)) == sign(f(m))
                a = m;
                b = m;
            m = (a + b)/2;
            R = [R, m];
            E = [E, abs(f(m))];

how do I do this? thanks!!

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I have corrected indents an you can see that you've left out end from the end of the function. (it is optional but best not to leave those things out so you know you did not mean to write couple lines to the end but you forgot it.)

R and E should be returned now, if you call myBisection apropriately, that is

[R, E] = myBisection(f, a, b, tol);

If you just call

myBisection(f, a, b, tol)

it will only return R.

To add a limit on the number of iterations, you change while's condition like so:

while (E(end) > tol) && (iter<max_iter)
    iter = iter+1;
    % ...


or it is better to do it in a for loop, with an if plus break:

for iter=1:max_iter
    if(E(end) <= tol), break, end;
    % ...
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Just one remark: The end keyword for functions is optional in MATLAB. (As far as I know, the endfunction in Octave is not optional, though) – Thilo Nov 19 '12 at 19:27
@Thilo it is just end, just checked, my Matlab does not accept endfunction or end function. Nonetheless I think we agree that it is better not to leave out end's though, and to use correct indents. – Barnabas Szabolcs Nov 19 '12 at 19:33
endfunction is the Octave keyword, not MATLAB, and it should be required in Octave. Correct indentation is crucial, yes, we agree on that ;) – Thilo Nov 19 '12 at 19:39

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