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I use the simple code below to generate a boxplot with the labels of the x-values changed:

xlabel('max gap')
ylabel('cluster lengths')
xticks(range(len(max_distance)), max_distance, size='small')

As you can see the x values are not correctly offset- I want 0 to be below the first box and 100 below the second.

Played around with it, can't find the answer. Please help!

enter image description here

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locs, labels = plt.xticks()

to find out the locations where matplotlib was going to place the xtick marks. Then change the labels:

plt.xticks(locs, max_distance, size='small')

For example,

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

list_of_lists_of_lengths = [range(1000),range(500,2000)]
plt.xlabel('max gap')
plt.ylabel('cluster lengths')
max_distance = (0, 100)
locs, labels = plt.xticks()
plt.xticks(locs, max_distance, size='small')


enter image description here

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