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I've an asp page that applies xsl to xhtml page to give application/xml+atom output page recognizable by some feed readers. Opera particularly, uses file extension rather than MIME type to detect feed! If I paste ASP into page with .atom extension its returned without server-side script preprocessing! As server is cohosting my site with others, so except adding my custom types for obviously missed ones such as .svg & .xhtml through Plesk interface, I want to deter fiddling with server MIMEs. Through forums I found hiding extension using .htaccess for Apache, but for IIS all that was mentioned was to use web.config The question is how do I serve output from .asp address using url of .atom file by mechanism such as web.config?

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The solution is for saving others time when navigating through bottle-neck. For forcing Opera to parse the MIME type, place the .asp as default document in its own directory such as /feed/. This will prevent filename delivery within url. Also make sure to have included <%Response.ContentType = "application/atom+xml"%> for Atom feed using ASP, as its unknown when Opera will parse content for link like < link rel="self" type="application/atom+xml" href="http://domain/feed/" />

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