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What is the difference between alert() and window.alert() functions? It seems to work the same.

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Because window is the global object, you can call an alert either by it's shorthand: alert( 'Hello!' ); or by referencing the global object specifically: window.alert( 'Hello!' );

They are the same.

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it seems that this.alert('Hello!'); does the same job. I guess then that globally we are inside window object. –  scdmb Nov 19 '12 at 18:44

They are usually the same thing but, if in your scope, see example, the alert function got redefined then alert and window.alert will not be the same function.

(function () {
    function alert(test) {

    alert("hello page");
   window.alert("hello world");

Hope the example will shed more light on this subject than my explanation.

You can also shadow the function name with a variable and obtain an error when calling it.

(function () {
    var alert;
    alert("Why don't you work, silly function?");
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