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How can I get the element id of an item in a store range on ExtJS4 based on a property of the item? For instance, I am getting the store as follows:

var combobox = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('[xtype=mycombobox]')[0];
var items = combobox.getStore().getRange();

I want to jump to the correct item in the combobox based on a productid that a user selects elsewhere:


I am just missing the logic that lets me say

elementid = items.getWhere('prodid', 'productid'); // Or however its actually done.
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What ist your question? You asked already a similiar one. Normally you get a selected value from a combo and not a range of values. So how do you determine the value you are trying to fetch? –  sra Nov 19 '12 at 19:15
This is the closest method I could find to what I am trying to do: combobox.getStore().findIndex('prodid',passedValue)) except that I get an error message that findIndex is not a method of getStore(). This is in a listener when a user types in a product id, I want to find out which element in the combobox store corresponds to that id so I can select it using combobox.select(). And in the future there are other ways I want to get the value such as from other controllers to basically pre-populate this pulldown item. –  Wige Nov 19 '12 at 19:25
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This is what I ended up coming up with, which actually required two seperate calls. Not sure if this is the most efficient way to do it but it seems to work.

First, I need to get the model that has a productid that equals value:

var model = combobox.getStore().findRecord('productId', value);

Then, I need to figure out what the index of that model is in the overall store:

var index = combobox.getStore().indexOf(model);

Then I can take the index and apply it to back to the combobox:

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