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I 'm learning entity framework for the first time and i use visual studio 2012.

So I'm little confused .

instead just .edmx file with its designer.cs i found four files and i never found my tables and views which i select in the previous step through the wizard of Entity Data Model in my designer ?

Could some one Explain in details what those files are ? is the Entity Framework 5 so advanced on the Entity Framework 4.1?

Should i return to use V.S 2008 instead if i want to learn Entity Framework easily ?!

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.EDMX is an XML file used to store the mapping metadata between your database and your objects (entities). Here is a good introduction session on developing EF solutions using "Model First" approach :

Introduction to Model First development using Entity Framework

There are bunch of new features added in Entity Framework 5.0 but the core is still the same. I would also recommend you to checkout the Entity Framework Code First approach.

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Your .edmx file is a Entity Container, just create new object and use your data.

Container name you can find in .edmx properties.

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