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I have two classes: Drawing and Game. In Drawing there is a class called redraw, which appears as follows:

- (void) redraw:(int)x:(int)y {

Now, there are many other methods in Drawing which to not require values to be passed to it, and I can even call them from Game using the following code: [drawing callSomeMethod];.

(By the way, drawing is created in Game.m, like this: Drawing *drawing.

I would have assumed that in the redraw method above, to call that from Game all i'd have to do it write: [drawing someMethod(val1, val2)];, but I keep getting the following error: No visible @interface for 'Drawing' declares the selector 'redraw:'"

How can I pass val1 and val2 (defined in Game.m) to a method in Drawing.m?

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Make sure this method is declared in Drawing.h

- (void) redraw:(int)x:(int)y;

Once that's done, this will work:

Drawing *drawing = [[Drawing alloc] init];
[drawing redraw:3:5]; // where 3 and 5 are whatever x and y values you choose.
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Ah. I was getting myself mixed up with java syntax. someMethod(val1, val2) doesn't work, it's someMethod:val1:val2, as you said. Thanks –  Conor Taylor Nov 19 '12 at 19:24

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