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I noticed for...of loops were added to the ECMAScript-6 proposal and implemented in IE10 and Firefox, but have never heard of them until now. What's the typical use case for them?

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The use case is when you want to do something with each element of an array. for...in in ECMAScript will sort of let you go over the array indices (and even that incorrectly).

The Python equivalent of ES6 for...of is for...in, like so:

myList = [ "a", "b", 5]
for el in myList:
  # el takes on the values "a", "b", 5 in that order
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Some languages call this foreach... in fact ES5 calls it forEach when used as a method on an array, but the for...of syntax cuts out a lot of the extra weight and allows it to easily be used on non-arrays. – Nathan Wall Nov 26 '12 at 13:45

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