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I tried deploying my grails application to Heroku. Heroku was easy to get started but since their focus is really on Rails and Python, there were a some issues with my deployment and the support personnel don't have any in-depth knowledge of grails framework (admitted by themselves). So although Heroku is very easy to use, scale and it has a very rich repository of add-ons, it's not the ideal choice for a serious deployment.

So I have been searching around for a good PaaS provider for Grails / Java applications. Ideally with the same or similar convenience of deployment, management and scaling capabilities. I have heard of

  • Cloud Bees
  • Dot Cloud

but I don't know any details of them. I'd like to community to recommend me a solid provider for a serious and scalable production deployment.

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possible duplicate of What are the best options for hosting a Grails application? –  ataylor Nov 19 '12 at 19:53