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I gave up finally. I have struggling to get this one to work but no luck. I simply have a collection.create call like this:

                    var createData = {
                        full_name : full_name,
                        email : email,
                        role_id : role_id

                    var that = this;
                        wait: true,
                        success : function(){
                            log("in success")
                        error : function(a,b,c){
                            log("in error")

The server is PHP and it returns the result like this:

header('Content-type: application/json');
    echo json_encode(array(
        "data" => $data,
        "meta" => $meta

In the above, the $data is actually the array("attr"=>"val", ...) which matches exactly how the model for this collection is defined.

The problem is that since I am not returning directly a JSON object similar to the original model, but using namespacing (data/meta), I use model.parse on the model like this:

parse : function(response){
        log(response, "inside model parse, this is the response from server")

ISSUE: The model doesn't get created on the client end. No 'add' event is fired. I am also using the wait:true option.

However, the model gets created on the local if: - I don't use wait:true - I use wait true but return the exact JSON model from server, with no name spacing.

I WANT to use wait:true as well as namespacing. Please help :(

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Also, after the server responds, it DOES get into the success callback! – Musab Masood Nov 19 '12 at 19:31
I don't have default hash in the model, is that necessary? – Musab Masood Nov 19 '12 at 19:52
UPDATE: Another thing I noted is that the .create method DOES return a valid model (i tested it by saving it to the window and then using console I read its value). However, the new model still isn't getting inserted! STRANGE! – Musab Masood Nov 19 '12 at 20:20

Finally I was able to fix it, I was overriding backbone collections and models in my bootstrap to have a loading state which I am not using anyway. So I commented out that whole code. Now it works fine. this was the code in my bootstrap that I commented out:


    // Adding close method to all views
    Backbone.View.prototype.close = function() {
        if (this.onClose) {
        _.each(this.childViews, function(childView){ 
            delete childView;

    // Adding loading state to every model and collection
    Backbone.Collection.prototype.loading = false;
    Backbone.Model.prototype.isLoading = false;

    // Set isLoading to true when fetch starts
    var oldFetch = Backbone.Collection.prototype.fetch;
    Backbone.Collection.prototype.fetch = function(options) {
        this.isLoading = true;, options);
    Backbone.Model.prototype.fetch = function(options) {
        this.isLoading = true;, options);

    // Turn off isLoading when reset
    Backbone.Collection.prototype.on('reset', function(){
        this.isLoading = false;
    Backbone.Model.prototype.on('reset', function(){
        this.isLoading = false;
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