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Using R the data set has 252 observations and 18 variables which I needed a test sample with every tenth observation and the training sample with the remaining data so I created two separate datasets:

id<-seq(1, nrow(fat), by=10)
test <-fat[id,]
train <-fat[id,]

a linear regression using all predictors except brozek and density variables removed:

model2<-lm(siri ~ .-brozek -density, train)

I need to do a principal component regression model


but this includes the variables brozek and density still.

How do I exclude to do a PCR model?

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So this is an indexing in R question; moving to SO. – mbq Nov 19 '12 at 19:35


subdat <- subset(fat,subset=seq(nrow(fat)) %% 10 == 1, select=-c(brozek,density))
fatpca<- prcomp(subdat)

? Or

subdat <- fat[-id,!colnames(fat) %in% c("brozek","density")]

(possibly better since subset is discouraged in non-interactive contexts)

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