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I have the following configuration for my resque system (no rails just Sinatra base) where I have bunch of recurring jobs scheduled from a yml file

resque (1.23.0)
resque-scheduler (2.0.0)
resque-status (0.4.0)

The recurring schedule appears on the 'Schedule' tab and when I click on a 'Queue Now' button the status also appears on the 'Statuses' tab, the problem is that when the recurring jobs automatically run, they don't appear on the 'Statuses' tab.. my resque_schedule.yml looks something like this

  every: 5m
  custom_job_class: Process_Notification_Emails
  queue: email_notifier
  description: "Process mail notifications"

Note: These scheduled jobs are actually running every 5 minutes and are behaving as expected,the only issue I'm having is that they don't appear on the 'Statuses' tab unless I manually enqueue them

Any ideas what am I doing wrong here?

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Support for resque-status (and other custom jobs)

Some Resque extensions like resque-status use custom job classes with a slightly different API signature. Resque-scheduler isn't trying to support all existing and future custom job classes, instead it supports a schedule flag so you can extend your custom class and make it support scheduled job.

Let's pretend we have a JobWithStatus class called FakeLeaderboard

class FakeLeaderboard < Resque::JobWithStatus
  def perform
    # do something and keep track of the status

And then a schedule:

  cron: "30 6 * * 1"
  queue: scoring
  custom_job_class: FakeLeaderboard
  rails_env: demo
  description: "This job will auto-create leaderboards for our online demo and the status will update as the worker makes progress"

If your extension doesn't support scheduled job, you would need to extend the custom job class to support the #scheduled method:

module Resque
  class JobWithStatus
    # Wrapper API to forward a Resque::Job creation API call into
    # a JobWithStatus call.
    def self.scheduled(queue, klass, *args)

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Thank you for the response, but I already use the latest version of resque-status (directly from git master) that has support for resque-scheduler which does implement the scheduled method... Please take a look at this… – Santthosh Nov 19 '12 at 20:53
Are you calling scheduled method? Something like WorkingJob.scheduled(:queue_name, WorkingJob, @job_args)? – Hitham S. AlQadheeb Nov 19 '12 at 21:05

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