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I am using the method noted here in the docs to set data-ajax="false" on a parent container for my site but I do have a few cases where I want the page to load via Ajax.

Is there a way to set the default on the parent container but allow individual links to override that setting? Adding data-ajax="true" to the individual links doesn't seem to work.

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To set default for full page load:

 $(document).on("mobileinit", function(){
    $.mobile.ajaxEnabled = false; 

To set individual, use data-ajax=true.

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Somehow other suggestions didn't work for me. But this one did work. Tested.

This script disables all ajax links in the page jquery mobile - and those that should be ajax ones can be used as the a-link below with data-ajax=true.

<!-- ..... -->
    <script src=""></script>
       $(document).on("mobileinit", function () {
                    // Reference:
                    $.extend($.mobile, {
                        linkBindingEnabled: false,
                        ajaxEnabled: false
    <script src=""></script>
<!-- ..... -->
 <a href="holysmokewheredidtheajaxgo.html" data-ajax=true>Well, I'm still ajax. That's true!</a>
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