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I started to code a text-based game in a Main program which call functions in file-modules.

There is a particular case where a file-module and a function are called and the function (in the module) should append a list in the Main() program (a global variable).

The problem is it cannot append it.

So, more concretely, in the game, the player enters a room (RoomA2) and there’s an object (sword). The player can pick it up (and I want the function to remove it from the list called object_room_a2 ) and put the sword in his bag. So, the bag is a global list (called object_list) in the Main() program.

Please the codes below, thanks for the help!

object_list = []

def main():
    print('stuff.. What do you want to do? (1) do this; (2) do that')
    choice = int(input('Choice --> '))

    if choice == 1 :
    elif choice == 2 :

def room_a2():
    object_room_a2 = ['sword']
    print('stuff.. What do you want to do? (1) do this; (2) do that')
    choix = int(input('choix --> '))

    if choix == 1:

    if choix == 2:
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Where's RoomA1 etc..? What is your data-model? –  Jon Clements Nov 19 '12 at 20:34

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The problem is that every time room_a2 is called, object_room_a2 is re-initialized so the sword will keep reappearing.

In general, this is a very complicated way to do what you are trying to do. A player object and a collection of room objects would make for far less code, but I assume that you are a beginner and might want to get a few rooms working this way first.

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hI MSW! Thanks for your answer. Thats right Im a beginner. Funny because I am reading about object-classes programming in Python at this very moment. Will certainly apply that! cheers –  Sylvain Nov 20 '12 at 16:34

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