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I'm trying to use Miso Dataset ( )with requirejs and I'm wondering what's wrong with my require js definition (I'm pretty new to require AND miso), Miso will be undefined (the setup for jquery is ok)

    // base url for vendor libs
    // files present : jquery.js, lodash.js, miso.ds.js, moment.js, underscore.deferred.js, underscore.math.js
    baseUrl: 'js/lib',
    // app components are stored in the js/app folder, so they'll start with 'app/'
    paths: {
        app: '../app',

    shim: {
        // miso.ds shim, with its dependencies
        'miso.ds' : {
            deps : ['lodash', 'moment', 'underscore.deferred', 'underscore.math'],
            exports: 'Miso'

// start the main app logic.
require(['jquery', 'miso.ds'],
function ($, Miso) {

Any idea?



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The issue was also discussed here : It was a bug in Miso. The 0.4.1 version fixed the issue.

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