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I've been trying out and found that it is a bit irritating to have to go through two steps if I click on the "Pick File" button and the only source I have set is "COMPUTER". It still brings up the dialog box and I have to click on "Choose File".

Can the plugin just be smart enough to recognize that it is computer only and bring up the file dialog when a user clicks on "Pick File"? It already has the div in there to drop files.

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Interesting idea, we don't actually have this functionality currently, but using the components like and filepicker.makeDropPane, this shouldn't be too hard. Here's a quick sketch of what the code would look like:

var pane = document.getElementById("dragdrop");
document.getElementById("file").onchange = function(){
    if (!this.value){return;}
    pane.innerHTML = "Uploading...";, function(fpfile){
        console.log("Stored", fpfile)                
        pane.innerHTML = "Stored "+fpfile.filename;
} = "200px"; = "20px"; = "#BBB";                    

filepicker.makeDropPane(pane, {
     onSuccess: function(fpfiles){
        pane.innerHTML = "Stored "+fpfiles[0].url;   

​ Example at

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will this approach work on a standard account (no s3) ? the documentation states that currently works with s3 buckets only.

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i tried it and it seems to work. multiple file upload seems not possible though with this approach. – arielf Mar 3 '13 at 16:50

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