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I have two functions that I can use to make an array:

    def makelist(size):
        list = []
        for i in range(size):
            list = list + [None]
        return list
    def mmatrix(rows,cols):
        matrix = makelist(rows)
        for i in range(rows):
            matrix[i] = makelist(cols)
        return matrix

When I make an array: mmatrix(3,3)), it prints all three arrays on the same line. How do I insert new lines between arrays?

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You can simplify your code to:

def mmatrix(rows, cols):
    return [[None for i in range(cols)] for j in range(rows)]

To answer your question, the clearest way is to print the lines one by one:

test = mmatrix(3,3)
for row in test:
    print row
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I have to use the functions I specified, but I appreciate your reply. It helps. – Jared Beach Nov 19 '12 at 22:00

If I understand correctly, it's just a formatting problem when printing. A solution is to join the lines with a linebreak:

print '\n'.join(mmatrix(3, 3))

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