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I have a file on my network that I need to reach from my web page.

In IE I just do:


and it works, it opens a small window and then pops up the "file open" dialogue.

In Firefox I do the same and it appends my url to the current page's url and gives the obvious error of NOT_FOUND.

The url I pass is along the lines of


In Firefox I get:


Any ideas? This is actually the second instance of this same problem in the past week that I have run into.

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Can you specify the actual address of the testDoc file in the URL field of window.open()

var url = "file:///C:/pipeline/sampleData/testDoc.doc";

where C:/pipeline/sampleData/testDoc.doc is the actual location of the file.

If its the relative path then.. then specify the path relative to the current location.

var url = "pipeline/sampleData/testDoc.doc"

This will append the url to the current file location.

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The url given is fixed, the path will be different for each document and I cannot expect the users to map drives to different network paths. The url is coming from a database pointing to millions of different records on the network. Again, this works in Internet Explorer, so I am not sure if it is supposed to work in Firefox or if it is a bug that it is able to work in IE. – Elwar Nov 20 '12 at 14:01
You might want to check the discussions in the below links stackoverflow.com/questions/6022838/… stackoverflow.com/questions/12082424/… – Usha Nov 20 '12 at 17:24

Your problem is that \ is not a URL path separator. You want to be using /pipeline/sampleData/testDoc.doc or something along those lines, depending on what your site paths look like.

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