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How can I combine this two expressions into one to be used in an awk script file?

awk '/select name="op_sys"/,/select>/' build/input.xhtml > build/output.xhtml
awk '/value="/,/">/' build/output.xhtml

Edit: I would like to transform the expressions in an awk file to look like:

#!/usr/bin/awk -f
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I think it would be dangerous merging the two range expressions. For example, what if the second range occurs outside of (or partially overlaps) the first range? I would simply use a pipe:

< build/input.xhtml awk '/select name="op_sys"/,/select>/' | awk '/value="/,/">/'
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awk does not permit address ranges to be nested easily. You can do it with flags, but it's much simpler to use sed:

sed -n '/pat1/,/pat2/ { /pat3/,/pat4/p }'

will print lines between pat3 and pat4 (inclusive) only within pat1 and pat2. Note that nesting ranges like this does not behave exactly as piping the output to a second invocation, since overlaps will be treated differently.

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