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I was first having problem passing past installing the perlMagick module(otherwise known as Image::Magick).

It said I didn't had the required binaries installed, but a person here in SO pointed out that it was a problem with the Makefile, it didn't look for the binaries on their location. After fixing that, I had no problem with the Makefile other than "Gonna create 'libMagickCore.a' from 'C:\Program Files\ImageMagick-6.8.0-Q16\CORE_RL_magick_.dll'" After that, doing the dmake(I'm using Strawberry Perl for the 64-bit) with no issues, I try to perform the dmake test, which gives me this output:,4233986902330

After every line it pops an error window stating that perl.exe has stopped working.

I would appreciate any help with this, I have been stuck here for like 3 days

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Those tests indicate Perl is crashing, probably because the perlMagick module build is broken. The test output won't help diagnose, but the build output will. Run dmake clean and then show us the output of dmake. In fact, not every distribution cleans completely so I'd suggest blowing the directory away and unpacking a fresh copy. – Schwern Nov 19 '12 at 21:55
Are you using the 64-bit ImageMagick binaries, too? I tried to reproduce your error on my Win7 64-bit system with Strawberry Perl 5.14 and the IM binaries from the ImageMagick-6.8.0-4-Q16-windows-x64-dll.exe installer from their page. It worked just fine. – Demnogonis Nov 20 '12 at 13:06
@Schwern Ok, thank you very much I'll run dmake clean and unpack making a fresh copy – Sismetic Nov 20 '12 at 15:50
@Demnogonis I tried with both 64 and 32 bit binaries. They both give me trouble. I have Strawberrry Perl 5.16 on Win7 64-bit, and I have installed the exactly same binary as you (ImageMagick-6.8.0-4-Q16-windows-x64-dll.exe) – Sismetic Nov 20 '12 at 16:08
@Schewrn After making dmake clean and deleting the directory I unpacked the .zip file again, perform the which besides the normal success output, it displayed Gonna create 'libMagickCore.a' from 'C:\Program Files\ImageMagick-6.8.0-Q16\CORE_RL_magick_.dll. After that, I did the dmake clean again, just to be sure, and performed the dmake. Here's the output: – Sismetic Nov 20 '12 at 16:21

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