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This problem is very weird and random.

I am working with a file with 4096 characters and only I got this error with 4096 characters in that file. I can live with this because if I just type a space or change the end-of-line of file all will work fine, but I wanna know why is this happening, why I got this error only with 4096 characters and only in that page?

Changing the MTU don't work for me:

Extra info:

  • Apache/2.2.21 (Win7 64) PHP/5.3.10
  • The file is included in another file and that file is included in another and so on.
  • There are several includes of scripts(.js).
  • The page is like localhost/mypage/some.php?var=hello&varr=wazaaa
  • The end-of-file is "Dos/Windows" in ANSI.
  • It doesn't work in any explorer.
  • It doesn't work in any pc in a network.
  • The firewall is disabled.

Sorry dont be more precise with the extra info, I dont know what is the problem xD and......sorry my english >__<

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Sounds like this PHP bug: 60758

PHP 5.3.11 looks like it contains the fix for this bug.

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