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I'm building a webservice and I intend to provide only a json interface.

To that end I want to make it as easy as possible for users to interact with my API. In an ideal world consumers send requests with a Content-Type header of 'application/json', however I'd like my API to accept a json encoded request irrespective of the Content-Type Header.

I'm using Symfony2 and FOS_RESTBundle and have set up a body listener and format listener together with a route to my controller that should force the format to be application json.

If I send a request with a Content-Type of 'application/json' the body is correctly decoded. Any other Content-Type header results is a null value for $data in the example below. $type is always json (due to the _format in the route).

Where am I going wrong?

// config.yaml 
    view_response_listener: false
    failed_validation: HTTP_BAD_REQUEST
    default_engine: php
        text: false
        xml: false
        html: false
        json: true
    default_priorities: ['application/json']
    fallback_format: json
    prefer_extension: true
        json: fos_rest.decoder.json

And -

// Routing.yaml

  pattern: /api/merchant/{merchantId}/customer-contact-request
  defaults: { _controller: AcmeApiBundle:CustomerContact:Create, _format: json}
  type: rest
     _method: POST

Finally -

    // Extract from Controller
    public function CreateAction($merchantId) {

        $data = $this->getRequest()->request->get('data');

        $type = $this->getRequest()->getRequestFormat();

        var_dump($type, $data);die;
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You could create a listener on the kernel.request, and add yourself the Content-Type: application/json ... only if you detected a json body –  AdrienBrault Nov 19 '12 at 22:36
Just had a quick look and I think Adrien's right, the BodyListener takes Content-Type over the request format, so you'll need to fudge a header, or write your own DecoderProviderInterface that says yes to ->supports($whatever) and override the default. –  Dave Marshall Nov 19 '12 at 23:05

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