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Trying to use CDI extension event ProcessAnnotatedType to change @javax.ws.rs.Path of JAX-RS resources.

<X> void process(@Observes ProcessAnnotatedType<X> pat) {
  if (!pat.getAnnotatedType().isAnnotationPresent(javax.ws.rs.Path.class)) {
  final AnnotatedType<X> org = pat.getAnnotatedType();
  AnnotatedType<X> wrapped = new AnnotatedType<X>() {
    public <T extends Annotation> T getAnnotation(final Class<T> annotation) {
    if (javax.ws.rs.Path.class.equals(annotation)) {
      class PathLiteral extends AnnotationLiteral<javax.ws.rs.Path> implements javax.ws.rs.Path {
        public String value() {
          return "change_me/" + (javax.ws.rs.Path) org.getAnnotation(annotation);
      return (T) new PathLiteral();
    } else {
      return org.getAnnotation(annotation);

... then after bootstrap, constructing the bean using javax.enterprise.inject.spi.BeanManager was expecting the following code to print "change_me/...."

Set<Bean<?>> beans = beanManager.getBeans(jaxrsClass);
for (Bean<?> bean : beans) {
  CreationalContext cc = bm.createCreationalContext(bean);
  Object jaxrs = bean.create(cc);
  Path p = jaxrs.getClass().getAnnotation(Path.class);

... but this does not work. javax.ws.rs.Path is unchanged for JAX-RS resource 'jaxrsClass'.

What is wrong?

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AnnotatedType is an abstraction layer between CDI and the actual Java class annotations. CDI only considers the AnnotatedType metadata, but not the original annotations.

Modifying an AnnotatedType in an observer method does not change the original annotation on the underlying Java class.

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