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The Antlr somehow ignores the characters such as ~,@,#,$,%,*,(,),{,},[,] from the input string.

I tested the below grammar with input string's such as show~~~, show ~@#$% etc but the Antlr escapes the characters on the eclipse/antlr works interpreter. I want such scenarios to throw an exception and not to recover from them. Pls do let me know if you have faced this before and if so what did u do to get rid of it.

grammar Sample; 
options {language = Java;} @header {package a.b.c;} @lexer::header {package a.b.c;} 
prog: stat+ ; stat: expr ; expr: paramValueChildStructure ; 
paramValueChildStructure: ALPHANUMERIC;
ALPHANUMERIC: ('a'..'z' |'A'..'Z' | '0'..'9')+ ;

I tried to below option to get rid of the above issue but this gives unreachable code compile time issue in my generated lexer.java

OTHER      : . {throw new RuntimeException("unknown char: '" + $text + "'");};

Thanks, Ashish

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i resolved the issue adding this code. @lexer::members{ public void recover(RecognitionException re){ System.out.println("lexer memeber recover"); throw new RuntimeException(re); } } –  user1836974 Nov 21 '12 at 21:00

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Look here: http://www.antlr.org/wiki/display/ANTLR3/Custom+Syntax+Error+Recovery

The last paragraph before the conclusion is probably what you need.

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