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The issue that I am having is the following.

The root cause of my issue is "XML" parsing (XML is in quotes, because in this case, it is not directly XML) and whitespace.

I need to be able to convert this:

 "This is a <tag>string</tag>"


 "This is a {0}"

It must be able to handle nested tags, and that sort of thing. My plan was to use the following to get my replacement text.

 var v = XDocument.Parse(string.Format("<root>{0}</root>", myString),LoadOptions.PreserveWhitespace);
 var ns = v.DescendantNodes();
 var n = "" + ns.OfType<XElement>().First(node => node.Name != "root");

That code returns the first pair of matching tags. It can handle nesting, etc. The only real issue is that even with the "PreserveWhitespace" option, carriage returns are getting eliminated. "\r\n" is converted to just "\n". This prevents a match, so:

 myString = myString.Replace(n,"{0}");

does not work as expected. So I am trying to come up with a way to get the replacement to work properly, ignoring whitespace, but I don't know how to begin... Thoughts?

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string s = "This <tag id=\"1\">string <inner><tag></tag></inner></tag> is <p>inside <b>of</b> another</p> string";

C# code:

Match m;
  m = Regex.Match(s, @"\A([\s\S]*)(<(\S+)[^[<>]*>[^<>]*</\3>)([\s\S]*)\Z");
  if (m.Success) {
    s = m.Groups[1].Value + "{0}" + m.Groups[4].Value;
    System.Console.WriteLine("Match: " + m.Groups[2].Value);
} while (m.Success);
System.Console.WriteLine("Result: " + s);


Match: <b>of</b>
Match: <p>inside {0} another</p>
Match: <tag></tag>
Match: <inner>{0}</inner>
Match: <tag id="1">string {0}</tag>
Result: This {0} is {0} string

Test this code here.

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Unfortunately, this fails if the nested tag is of the same type: "This <tag>string <inner><tag></tag></inner></tag> is <p>inside <b>of</b> another</p> string"; – nosirrahcd Nov 19 '12 at 22:43
@nosirrahcd - I have updated my answer and a demo link now serves input from your above comment. – Ωmega Nov 19 '12 at 23:02
Thanks Omega. I have approved your answer since it does answer my question, as written. Is there a good way to capture the value of just the first tag, and replace just the first tag, using that method? This is for a parser I am modifying, and I need to store "{0}" and then add the text that was replaced to a dictionary in the form of {key=0,value="<tag>...</tag>"} – nosirrahcd Nov 20 '12 at 14:52
Also, this breaks on attributes. (<tag id="1">, etc.) – nosirrahcd Nov 20 '12 at 15:33
@nosirrahcd - I have updated my answer to work with tag parameters and to allow you to "store" matches that were replaced. I am not sure what you mean by "capture the value of just the first tag", as sometimes are tags inside of other tags, so please clarify this in details - let's say what would you expect as output from input that I used in the demo code... – Ωmega Nov 20 '12 at 17:12

Although not the best solution (if you have just '\n' in your myString) but it's worth a try:

myString =  myString.Replace(n.Replace("\n", "\r\n"), "{0}");
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Try a CDATA section ?

v = XDocument.Parse(string.Format("<root><![CDATA[{0}]]></root>", myString));

Not got anything handy but I suspect you might have to mess about with the selector after it, and get it's child (text node)

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