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Rails newbie, here.

I'm looking for a rails gem to help with user authentication, but I have a pretty specific situation. I need to be able to customize the gem to allow for new users to be added only by those who already have a username(email, actually)/password. Then the new user gets an invite and can fill out their profile.

Does anybody have a suggestion for a gem that I might be able to use to get started?


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I'd look at Sorcery. It gives you a lot of helpful methods for authentication, but it doesn't come with pre-wired controllers, so you don't have to do the kind of deep hacking you would with something like Devise.

See also, the railscast.

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This one was perfect. Very light, which gave me plenty of flexibility when writing controllers. Thanks! –  nathan Nov 20 '12 at 17:36

Well, Devise, linked here is the swiss army knife of user authentication -- it's an amazing and broad bit of software that does everything -- all sorts of custom options, and so on. It's very extensible and powerful. It's also not for newbies.

But it also might be more than you want at the moment. I highly recommend Ryan Bates' RailsCasts, which is the best $9 you'll ever spend (although some episodes are still free). Consider http://railscasts.com/?tag_id=25 and http://railscasts.com/?tag_id=26 to see if they may help you decide.

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You can use devise and disable the :registerable option.

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