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I'm using a Rich Edit Control on Windows. I tried passing the value SS_OWNERDRAWN to the CreateWindowEx call but it appears to have had no effect. How can I prevent the rich edit control from drawing anything so that I can owner draw it?

I also attempted to set a window subclass that simply ignored WM_PAINT but forwarded all other messages. This had an immensely nasty effect on my whole system and also caused my application to halt.

Edit: Apparently, the system still expects BeginPaint and EndPaint in response to WM_PAINT, even if you return 0 and don't paint anything. My system no longer dies and and my app no longer halts, and the rich edit is certainly no longer painting anything, but I still can't render my Direct3D9 text in that area. :(

Edit: Turns out that, in fact, you do not have ownership of the DC returned by ID3DXFont::GetDC(). Documentation unclear, but problem solved.

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RichEdit controls do not support an owner-drawing window stye, so you cannot use SS_OWNERDRAWN or similar.

As for WM_PAINT, simply ignoring painting messages should not have caused such drastic side effects, so you must have done something else wrong.

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Apparently, the system expects BeginPaint and EndPaint, even if you return that you handled the message and don't actually paint anything. Once I did this, the problem was somewhat solved- the RichEdit control no longer renders, but it still blocks my DirectX9 text rendering in that area. –  Puppy Nov 19 '12 at 22:55

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