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I am using Eclipse and when I create bugs there is a button on the top next to the number [O Bug XX]. When I click on the "O" area it activates the task. It seems like only one task can be active at a time. I am assuming that when a task is active, it is showing others working within your project that this is what you are working on? Looking for an in depth explanation on this feature, please.

I looked through the documentation and didn't see anything about it except the shortcut keys to activate / deactivate it.

Thank you

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Activating a task is a core function of Mylyns' task-focused UI.

As best described in Mylyn's FAQ:

When you activate a task, Mylyn automatically maintains a task context by monitoring your interaction. The task context provides a predictable degree-of-interest weighting of the relevance of the elements and relations that you work with to the task-at-hand (as described in the Foundations of Software Engineering conference paper). The Task-Focused UI is the mechanism by which Mylyn presents Mylyn the task-context model in order to reduce information overload and to automate the manual management of UI elements like editors and change sets. Examples:

  • Filtering, decoration and expansion management in views
  • Automatic folding in editors
  • Ranking in content assist
  • Editor management
  • Perspective management
  • Change set management

To learn how to use Mylyn's context management in your development workflow, i recommend reading the IBM article Mylyn 2.0, Part 2: Automated context management.

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