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I am using a fancybox gallery template. When you click on a nav element in the header, thumbnails that match the rel="value" light up. How can I make the same thumbnail light up for multiple tags? Basically, something like: rel="value1 value2" The code that I have listed below is not working. Any element that has more than one value for rel="" lights up whenever any nav button is pushed. What should I do? I appreciate any help.


<!-- .nav -->
  <ul class="nav">
    <li><a href="#" class="produce">Producing</a></li>
    <li><a href="#" class="design">Design</a></li>
    <li><a href="#" class="puppet">Puppetry</a></li>
    <li><a href="#" class="multimedia">Multimedia</a></li>
  <!-- /.nav -->
<!-- content -->
<div id="content">
    <!-- .thumbs -->
    <ul class="thumbs">
    <li class="first"><a href="images/images/h-slide4.jpg" rel="empty"><img src="images/images/h-thumb4.jpg" alt="description" /></a></li>
    <li><a href="images/images/standin-slide1.jpg" rel="produce"><img src="images/images/sus-thumb7.jpg" alt="description" /></a></li>
    <li><a href="images/images/sus-slide1.jpg" rel="produce puppet"><img src="images/images/sus-thumb1.jpg" alt="description" /></a></li>
    <li><a href="images/images/sus-slide2.jpg" rel="puppet design"><img src="images/images/sus-thumb2.jpg" alt="description" /></a></li>
    <li><a href="images/images/sus-slide4.jpg" rel="multimedia"><img src="images/images/sus-thumb4.jpg" alt="description" /></a></li>
    <li><a href="images/images/sus-slide6.jpg" rel="produce multimedia puppet"><img src="images/images/sus-thumb6.jpg" alt="description" /></a></li>

***For the first list element, where rel="empty" I do not want that thumbnail to light up ever. I tried leaving rel="", but then the thumbnail lit up on any click. The other list elements show examples of my attempts at multiple tags.


$(".nav li a.produce").click(function(){

$(".nav li a").removeClass("current");
$("ul.thumbs a").css("opacity", "1");
$("ul.thumbs a[rel=design], ul.thumbs a[rel=puppet], ul.thumbs a[rel=multimedia]").animate({opacity: ".2"}, "slow").parent().append("<span></span>");
        return false;
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Could you clarify what's going on here? So when you click the produce link, it $("ul.thumbs a").css("opacity", "1"); shows all the images. Then $("ul.thumbs a[rel=design], ul.thumbs a[rel=puppet], ul.thumbs a[rel=multimedia]").animate({opacity: ".2"}, "slow").parent().append("<span></span>"); hides the images that aren't produce? Does this work with 1 tag instead of multiple? –  MrXenotype Nov 20 '12 at 0:46

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I don't understand why you are using rel for this. Using the class attribute seems like it would be a better match. Is there a reason why you need to use rel? I am not sure that the way you are using it is even valid.

If you use class instead, you can add multiples in the same way that you mentioned (class = "puppet design" would work).

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I was using rel because that is the way the template was set up when I got it. If I change to class, do I leave everything in the gallery.js the same, just changing that last line to: $("ul.thumbs a[class=design], ul.thumbs a[class=puppet], ul.thumbs a[class=multimedia]").animate({opacity: ".2"}, "slow").parent().append("<span></span>"); return false; }); Thanks! –  user1837241 Nov 20 '12 at 5:35
It looks like you could leave it the same, but if I were doing that, I would do $("ul.thumbs a.design, ul.thumbs a.puppet, ul.thumbs a.multimedia").animate({opacity: ".2"}, "slow").parent().append("<span></span>"); return false;}); instead. I think it is up to preference and I am not sure if there is an advantage to the way they did it. I also haven't checked that the code is correct and runs. I think you could leave it the same - try it and see! –  Chrissi Nov 20 '12 at 5:42

@Chrissi is right (+1). You should rather use classes instead so you can compare what classes from the content matches with the class of the selected nav item.

You basically need two functions :

the first one :

  • catches the click on nav items
  • validates what classes match from the content
  • sets the rel attribute to those items so they will belong to the same gallery selected by the nav item

... so :

$('.nav a').on("click", function() {
    var className = $(this).attr("class"); // get class name of nav item
    var thisClass = "." + className; // builds a class selector from class name
    // get content items that matches the selector class and set the same rel attribute
    $(".thumbs a").filter(thisClass).attr({
        "rel": className,
        "title": className // optional
    }).first().trigger("click"); // fires gallery from first item
}); // on

the second one :

  • binds all selectors from content to fancybox
  • filters the class="empty" so it doesn't open in fancybox (does nothing)
  • removes the attribute rel (set by the first function) after close

... so :

$(".thumbs a").fancybox({
    beforeLoad: function() {
        if ($(this.element).hasClass("empty")) {
            return false; // ignores item with class="empty"
    afterClose: function() {
        $(this.element).removeAttr("rel title"); // remove rel after close

since the last function binds all content's items to fancybox, they will be opened in fancybox out of any gallery if they are clicked individually, except that with class="empty"



  • .on() requires jQuery v1.7+
  • this demo uses fancybox v2.1.3+
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