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I have a body of text which is about 12 paragraphs long... inside the text are a couple of blockquotes which I would like to automatically highlight and rearrange throughout the document (every 3rd paragraph) and afterwards removing the blockquote so that the text appears twice. Once as a highlighted snippet in an automatically ordered position, and second in the original location without the block...

It sort of works, but I feel like I'm missing something because it doesn't follow the order. I would think it'd be (3,6,9, etc.) but it seems to be thrown off by something?

jQuery ->
    content = $('article.city-review div')
    content.find('blockquote').each (index) ->
        line_space = (index+1)*3
        quote_tag = '<span class=\"quote_left\">'+$(this).text()+'</span>'


Input looks like:

<p>More Text</p>
<p>More Text</p>
<p>More Text</p>
<blockquote><p>Sometimes these appear</p></blockquote>

The output gives me empty p tags <p></p> and nested p tags <p><p>Something</p></p>

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can you be more specific about what is throw off? Where are the blockquotes appearing right now? after 2,5,8 or not at all, etc? – teddybeard Nov 20 '12 at 1:24
it's inserting it almost right after the other, because I'm getting left over empty p tags and then nested p tags – ere Nov 20 '12 at 14:40
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jQuery ->
    content = $('article.city-review div')
    content.find('blockquote').each (index) ->
        position = [2,6,10]
        line_space = position[index]
        text = $(this).text()
        quote_tag = '<span class=\"quote_left\">'+text+'</span>'

Making an array is an easy way to test out the spacing and unless you need an unlimited length could work. Remove the unwrap and use replacewith, maybe simpler for you and after instead of prepend unless you want the new quotes inside another tag.

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