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Lets say I have a String

 String jsonTweets;

and I just get this using regular HttpClient request. How can I convert this String into Tweet classes somehow using TwitterAPI ME or Twitter4j?

Note: I am not going to use TwittrAPI ME or Twitter4j to create the jsonTweets String. I already have it and just want to use the API to have the equivalent java classes.


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You can use DataObjectFactory#createStatus() to instantiate Status object from raw json string.

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You don't need to include those whole libraries if you just want a Tweet class and some methods to parse them. Create your own Tweet class, instantiate a JSONObject passing your json string to the constructor, and use the getString and getXYZ methods to populate your Tweet class.

If you want to use Twitter4j, doing a quick search through their online JavaDoc led me to this:

It looks like it takes in a JSON string of standard tweet data from Twitter's api and returns their Tweet object.

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