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We're using the MongoHQ addon on Heroku, with the Mongoid 3.0 adapter. The addon plans come with a size limit, and Mongo will silently fail writing when the DB limit has been reached (unless configured for safe mode--in which case it'll throw exceptions).

I'm trying to query from within the app how close we are and send an alert if we've reached the limit. How can I run something like the db.stats() command but using Mongoid?

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You can call the ".db" method on your object (e.g. a Document), and do .stats on it.

For example:


For verisons prior to Mongoid 3.0.0, Mongoid.master.stats should also work.

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By object you mean a class that has include Mongoid::Document? One of my Mongoid classes is called Metric. Using your suggestion, I tried Metric.db.stats, and I get undefined method 'db' for Metric:Class. I also tried with an instance--same problem. Same with trying Mongoid.default_session. It seems there is no db method. I'm using Mongoid 3.0.10. –  Wolfram Arnold Nov 20 '12 at 22:54
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I've found out how to do this in Mongoid 3.x which uses Moped as driver, not the Ruby driver from 10gen.

It was the author of Moped himself who answered a github issue raised on the matter.

Mongoid.default_session.command(collstats: 'collection_name')

This will return the same results as db.stats() from the Mongo console. As an additional bonus, if the collection is capped, there'll be a flag in the return values indicating that.

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