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I'm doing some research in generating creative ideas and I need a java API that can randomly generate words. Do you have some recommendations? For example, I type color, the API will give me "red, blue, black and so on". I tried WordNet, but it is not very what I want. I can just generate some similar words. Thank you guys! Or can I do this by some other tech, such as machine learning, NPL and so on?

Thank you very much!

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It should be a valid word or just a concatenation of random chars? – Luiggi Mendoza Nov 20 '12 at 2:16
Check Generating random words in Java? – Luiggi Mendoza Nov 20 '12 at 2:19
So you need some kind of classification system of english words...like a hierarchy of nouns, much like a type system :P – infgeoax Nov 20 '12 at 2:47

I don't feel this is exactly what you are looking for, but the last few lines does give away simple idea for the job: https://gist.github.com/1928789

It's a clojure comportment used in a HTML5 game called Z-Type, why you should ignore the specifics.

Building upon the basics there, you could add a context mechanism for choosing the right array responses. On the same note, you could search the arrays for occurrences to further narrow the context.

All the services you can find are not that great, why simplicity might be a viable alternative to perfect.

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Lines 7-10 to be more specific... Swap the array numbers with context names. – Peter Lindhard Nov 20 '12 at 3:15

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