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I'm designing a custom window border, and i put a bitmap on the top as a drag bar. This works, however when i try to drag the window, it places itself in two different areas and flickers between the two. Here's a video:

When the window is flashing, i'm trying to drag it (it doesn't show my cursor for some reason). Here's my dragging code:

    int posX = LOWORD(lParam);
    int posY = HIWORD(lParam);
            isDragging = true;
            oldCursorX = posX;
            oldCursorY = posY;
    isDragging = false;
        if(isDragging)  {
            SetWindowPos(hWnd, NULL, LOWORD(lParam)-oldCursorX, HIWORD(lParam)-oldCursorY, 500, 500, NULL);
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It's generally easiest to simply resond to WM_NCHITTEST. For that message, the LPARAM will have the mouse hit X and Y coordinates (same as WM_LBUTTONDOWN). If they're within your draggable area just return HTCAPTION. The system will then automatically handle all the drag logic for you.

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The cursor coordinates passed to WM_MOUSEMOVE are relative to the window position. But you keep changing the window position with every WM_MOUSEMOVE recieved.

Convert the coordinates to Screen coordinates using ::ClientToScreen().

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