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I have the following in a spec:

before do 
  @item = Item.new( title: "Lorem ipsum", 
    image: File.new(Rails.root.join('app', 'assets', 'images', 'rails.png')))

The associated specs take about 30 seconds to run but when I remove image: File.new() from the hash, my tests run in under 1 second!

So File.new() is adding a load to my specs and I'd like to stub it if possible, but when I try this:

image: File.stub(Rails.root.join('app', 'assets', 'images', 'rails.png'))) 

I see the following error in my test output:

 Failure/Error: image: File.stub(Rails.root.join('app', 'assets', 'images', 'rails.png'))) }
   undefined method `to_sym' for #<Pathname:0xae767d8>

I would appreciate any advice here. FWIW, image upload is handled by paperclip.

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I'm sorry, but this is not mocking a file. You want to fabricate an object and attach a real file to it – that's not a mock and neither of these sollutions mocks a file object.

You absolutely positively should use a gem to fabricate test data, like factory girl rails, or fabrication.

..and when you do Tom L's answer is the best one: use fixture_file_upload

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Take a look at fixture_file_upload in the Rails API:


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I would do something like this:

@item = Item.new( title: "Lorem ipsum")
file = double('file', :size => 0.5.megabytes, :content_type => 'png', :original_filename => 'rails')
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It also possible to stub attachments like this: Add it into spec/support

module PaperclipStub
  def stub_paperclip_attachment(model, attachment)
    model.any_instance.stub(attachment.to_sym).and_return File.join(Rails.root, 'spec', 'fixtures', 'file.png')
    model.any_instance.stub("#{attachment}_file_name".to_sym).and_return File.join(Rails.root, 'spec', 'fixtures', 'file.png')

In spec_helper.rb

config.include PaperclipStub # Include custom paperclip_attachment stub

And use it in specs:

it "should be valid" do
    stub_paperclip_attachment(Image, :image)
    Image.new.should be_valid
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